Monday, August 29, 2011


Today would be first day of classes, but I have none on Monday. So, my first day is tomorrow! I guess today is laundry day then. My dorm is awesome. I think it was worth the 10 hour car trip (I'm from New York State..) I got a pretty snazzy Scanner/Printer/Copier recently. It's an Espon Stylus and I love it so much. Here's one thing it scanned so well for me. I didn't even need to edit it to get the levels right!:
and here it is colored lazily in Photoshop:
She is Bobcat based off of my pet cat, Sophie, who I miss dearly.

I may post some more this week, depending on the projects I'll have. later! ~Laura.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some little animation.

Kind of lame, but I like it for some reason.

My favorite part is the head bobbing back and forth so much. He's a pigeon-man. Critique if you wish. I know it's really rough.. Done in Adobe Flash CS5. I've been messing with this program since I installed it on my college laptop! So I'm prepared (technologically) for CCAD. Let's hope I am emotionally.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little update.

Well, a few months have passed since my last post. I still update on my deviantART account, but eventually I will move to this. Anyway, a few things have changed since I last left you off in March. I am a High School graduate, if that means anything. In fact, I am having a party today for it.

I did get accepted to a few art schools. I had tried for MICA (, SVA(, SUNY Fredonia(, and CCAD( I was accepted to all except MICA. Which was expected, they go a lot by grades and scores. My math skills are.. awful.

I was initially going to go to SVA in New York City, but I did not have the financial support needed to go (and got no scholarship..) On the other hand, CCAD in Columbus, Ohio, though rather far away, gave me a nice scholarship and I loved visiting the school. SUNY is SUNY. Not much to expect. I didn't even bother visiting. So CCAD it is! I just got my roommate assignment for August. I am so excited!

So yeah, super pumped for art school. Hopefully I don't crash the first semester. I'm pretty sure I will, though.
 Here's some drawings:
I know this is fan art but I love how this turned out! Cow and Chicken (c) David Feiss.

 Two characters from a story I really should work on.

Daisy when she is much younger. I love how this design turned out ♥.

Old design of a grumpy bob-tailed cat. I like the top drawing best.

 Flat Color of the header.I actually prefer this version. It's of my cat, Sophie. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I used to have a blog on here, but I never really bothered to do much with it. 
Well, over a year later and I'm here trying to give this another shot. In case you haven't noticed from the title of the blog, I want to be an animator (or something to do with animation production). There is.. not much art to upload yet but come back in a  little bit and I'm sure there will be more! Here are a few sketches of my character, Daisy.   
come back soon!